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People ride the Sip N' Cycle for a variety of different occasions but the one thing they all share is that when they ride- they're expecting to have a fun, safe, enjoyable time with their group. The person driving the bike during their ride plays a crucial role in providing a unique, upbeat environment, maximizing the amount of fun people have, and ensuring the safety of everyone involved.


The ideal candidate for this position is someone who

- Enjoys having fun and interacting with people

- Is comfortable and confident explaining rules and answering questions

- Is reliable, punctual, honest, and ethical in all situations

- Is an effective communicator (with riders, the owner, vendors, and the public)

- Is good at following directions

Values the safety of everyone around them

- Has a flexible schedule and is looking for part time employment

Interested in joining the Sip N' Cycle Team?
Here's what you should know:

If this sounds like you and you'd like to become a SNC driver, please complete the application below!

Job Application

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